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Github Education Pack provides a variety of benefits from its partnerships with software companies across the globe. The pack offers almost $45,000 worth of products and licenses for free to students.


Learn to ship software like a pro. There’s no substitute for hands-on experience. But for most students, real world tools can be cost-prohibitive. That’s why we created the GitHub Student Developer Pack with some of our partners and friends: to give students free access to the best developer tools in one place so they can learn by doing.

It is the most significant set of free tools and services brought to you by GitHub and its partners across the globe to the student at zero cost. From coding boot camps, logging service, code checkers, online IDEs, mass email service — everything is available to students at no cost. Yes, you heard that right. Any student who is 13 or above years of age and enrolled in a school or college (institution) can get this. Sounds awesome right? Read on!

You can get a free domain with SSL enabled and host your websites/apps on the servers provided by AWS, Azure or DigitalOcean.You can also launch your great application on the cloud using Bitnami. You can use Visual Studio from Microsoft for programming and host your servers using Windows Server.

What are the Benefits of Github Education Pack?

Github Education Pack provides a variety of benefits from its partnerships with software companies across the globe. The pack offers almost $45,000 worth of products and licenses for free to students. They are listed below:-

  • Better Code Hub: Online source code analysis service which allows you to check your code with 10 software development guidelines and get immediate reviews and required improvements
  • ConfigCat: A feature flag and configuration management service where you can push releases to users without deploying new code. It is best suited for alpha-beta testing or soft launches.
  • Cryptolens, A cloud-based software licensing platform
  • Gitpod: It provides an automated and fast online IDE for GitHub
  • Frontend Masters: In-depth JavaScript, Node.js, and front-end engineering courses
  • Icons8: Design resources including icons, UI illustrations, photos, and more
  • LogDNA: A log management platform having seamless integration with your platform and providing live monitoring and log tailing.
  • A domain name registrar and web host providing one free domain to students with Privacy Protection and SSL certificate
  • Browser-based computing environments having no annoying IDE setup or building from prerequisite software
  • Phrase: A cloud-based localization service for translation APIs and enabling localization in your apps
  • PushBots: Scalable push notification system for mobile applications
  • SQL Smash: A better productivity plugin for SQL Server Management Studio
  • .TECH: It provides domains for your tech startup, business, event, community, or publication. Best suited for tech-based companies, providing them with a unique TLD suited for their purpose.
  • Termius: A cross-platform SSH client for desktop(Win, Linux and macOS and mobile(iOS and Android).
  • TransloadIt: A file uploading and processing service to convert files from any type to any required format, be it images, videos, audios or text/docs.
  • Working Copy, Git client for iOS that clones, edits, commits, pushes, and more
  • Bootstrap Studio, A desktop app for creating responsive websites using the Bootstrap framework
  • Microsoft Azure, A set of cloud services by Microsoft to help you build, manage, and deploy applications by giving free credit to students to leverage the power of the cloud to run their development workloads
  • Netwise, turnkey data center services for the hosting of critical IT infrastructure systems
  • PomoDone, Pomodoro time-tracking application to eliminate distraction, sharpen focus, and prevent burnout during your work-intensive hours using the Pomodoro Technique.
  • SymfonyCasts, Symfony and PHP video tutorials and code challenges
  • Algolia: A hosted search API that provides support for front-end and back-end frameworks and libraries
  • AWS Educate Program: A reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services brought to you by Amazon Web Services plus free training, and collaboration resources
  • Axosoft: Creator of legendary cross-platform Git client GitKraken and GitKraken Glo task tracking boards that sync in real-time with GitHub Issues
  • Carto: Open and powerful platform for spatial data analysis, visualization, and application creation
  • Datadog: cloud-based infrastructure monitoring
  • DigitalOcean: Simple cloud hosting built for developers with virtual private servers starting from as low as $5/month.Also has support for Kubernetes clusters.
  • Flatiron School: Web coding Bootcamp for launching developers
  • Heroku: A flexible, easy-to-use platform to deploy, run, and manage your apps with one-click deployment options for any framework plus integration with famous repository hosting services.
  • Jetbrains: Student Licenses of professional desktop IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, and more.
  • Namecheap: Affordable domain registration, hosting, and management
  • Sendgrid, the world’s largest cloud-based email delivery platform to attach to your applications
  • Sentry: An error reporting service that helps developers monitor and fix crashes in real-time
  • Stripe: A web and mobile payment APIs, built for developers
  • Thinkful, courseware and mentoring to launch your career as a developer
  • Transifex, a localization platform that easily integrates with your codebase.
  • Travis CI, a continuous integration platform for open source and private projects
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